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3 Reasons Axe Throwing Should Be on Your Bucket List

Fulfilling your bucket list can range from your career goals to trying out activities that scream excitement and wonder. What better way to fulfill this list than by doing it with your best friends?

Hanging out with your friends typically entails finding the things you like in common. Whether it’s going bungee jumping or going on a night-long bender of bar hopping, trying something new for the first time is always an excellent way to make colourful memories together.

The Wonders of Axe Throwing

Axe throwing is a fun activity that combines the precision of hitting a target and the brute feeling of throwing a wood-cutting tool. In this article, we will share with you three exciting reasons axe throwing is an activity that you should add to your group’s bucket list:

1. You can play casually with friends or co-workers
You can play casually with friends or co-workers
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Have you already gone bored with going to the shooting range or trying out an archery spot? Or perhaps spending a night out at a karaoke joint just doesn’t fill your need for excitement while staying in a casual setting? Worry no more as axe throwing is the next new activity that will fill your group’s boredom.

Axe throwing is an excellent sport where you can play a competitive tier tournament, whether solo or in pairs, or choose to have a more relaxing session by bringing a few snacks and drinks during your session.

2. You can learn a new and adventurous skill

Throwing an axe isn’t as complicated as you might expect. Similar to archery, getting the hang of the medium is the hardest part.

First, you should align the direction you want to throw while placing your dominant leg forward. Raising the axe above your head, take one step forward and release the axe straight towards the board.

Safety is practiced in the same manner that you shouldn’t be in front of anyone’s line of fire while in play, and the same goes for you as a thrower to be mindful of people passing in front of you. Thankfully enough, your play area is typically separated from others through batting cages, which give it an urban feel.

3. You can enjoy different game modes
You can enjoy different game modes

The experience of throwing an axe is similar to being in a batting cage. Except, instead of hitting balls with a bat, you have a sharp wood-cutting tool to throw on a circular wooden board.

Similar to darts, axe throwing is a game of precision and accuracy. The point system is assigned to three layers of rings, with each colour further from the center, amounting to fewer points.

Depending on the game you play, your strategic advantage in throwing the most precise shots will give you the best chances of winning. The ‘clutch’ call allows you to aim for exact dots on the board. When struck successfully by your axe after calling ‘clutch’ after releasing it, it will give you an advantage in points.

Different game modes are played where you take turns with a partner or compete in team games with pairs of two or more. You can even have as many as six or more people invited in one game with multiple lanes to track several teams competing with each other.


Axe throwing can sound like an odd activity for any first-timer. Nevertheless, once you get a feel of throwing your first axe, you’ll be sure to get hooked to come back for more!

If you’re ready to take a step beyond your comfort zone to try out axe throwing in Vancouver, BC, head on over to our branch at Urban Axe Throwing today!

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