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3 Special Occasions When Axe Throwing Sessions Are Perfect

Axe throwing is a perfect way to engage in a fun physical activity that releases a lot of stress. Because of the friendly competitive nature of the sport, groups of friends or family members can enjoy axe throwing together while seeing who among you is most accurate in hurling axes.

The uncertainty of seeing whether someone can hit the bullseye or not is extremely thrilling. Because of the excitement, it adds to the energy of the participants, axe throwing is not only a fun thing to do but also to watch. For that reason, axe throwing sessions are great for special gatherings. Here are some of the most common special occasions where axe throwing is a perfect addition to the program.

1. Birthdays


Birthdays are always a reason for celebration. Birthdays are also among the most memorable occasions in our lives. However, birthday celebrations have followed the same old format for many decades—and they’re starting to become boring.

With axe throwing, you can spice up someone’s birthday celebration and bring something new to the table. Sure, it’s the thought that counts when surprising someone, but it’s a lot better if the surprise is amazing.

2. Bachelor/Bachelorette Party

When somebody in your group decides to finally tie the knot, you know that the following months will be super stressful for them with all the preparations and planning they have to do. They’re also finally saying goodbye to their old single life and are gearing up for family life. Because of this, it’s only understandable that you want to celebrate their upcoming marriage.

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties are great occasions to book an axe-throwing session. That is especially true if the person you’re planning the party for is always excited to try out new things, or just want to release all the stress involved with planning a wedding.

3. Company Team Building Events

Company Team Building Events

Working long hours and being active in helping the company grow can also put some stress in the minds of employees. In the workplace, it’s also easy to have some misunderstandings with team members, resulting in conflicts that need to be avoided. Team buildings are an amazing way to establish employee relationships and deepen their connections. That allows them to understand one another and avoid conflicts altogether.

Booking an axe-throwing session for a team building event can significantly level up the fun for team members. Since they’re not thinking about work, they can just relax and enjoy the time. The act of hurling an axe towards the bullseye will also lower the stress they have in great amounts. Additionally, people can be separated into two groups to make it competitive but also help each other establish deeper relationships with fellow team members. After all, they’re all co-workers and having fun together will surely make their bond a lot stronger.


Axe throwing sessions are fun additions to special celebrations. The adrenaline rush will surely keep the event exciting and a lot more memorable. By booking an axe-throwing session for these events, everyone will surely have a thrilling, wonderful experience.

Come throw axes with Urban Axe Throwing! If you’re from Vancouver and are looking to try axe throwing with family and friends, call us now to book your sessions!

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