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3 Steps to Make You Better at Axe Throwing – Our Guide

This guide does not say that you must change your entire throwing motion. Instead, the steps reflected in this article will make any throw accurate. The three tips given in this article will help one-handed, and some two-handed throws, but beginner and intermediate throwers will benefit the most out of what’s reflected here.

Abandoning the old style in favour of the new will improve your accuracy quickly. Likewise, missing the target point even for a few millimetres is still an error that needs fixing.

It is hard to correct an error that you are not aware of. However, you must change your way of thinking to be better at axe throwing, or you will continue to deliver off-target throws. This guide will also help you overcome lapses with your throwing sequence to become more accurate.

She may look innocent but give her an axe and watch her turn bad axe on you

Step 1: Have a solid stance

Whether you are stepping forward or keeping your feet planted during the throw, your stance must always be stable and balanced. After maintaining a solid stance, align your head, feet, arm, and axe towards the centre of the target to reduce errors.

Starting with an unsure stance means that you are adjusting your balance while your throwing motion begins. This approach will decrease your chances of making precise movements towards the target.

Find a starting distance that you are comfortable with and your release with close to the 12-foot line. Choose an axe with a nearly-flat or flat blade to cover most of the board.

Having a final position right at the 12-foot line provides an automatic advantage because the angle for the throw-in is about eight percent larger from 12 feet as compared to throwing from 13 feet away.

Step 2: Have a firm grip on the axe

Inconsistent grips lead to improper release points, which can introduce a vertical margin of error. Losing your grip will cause the axe to wobble, which makes it unleash an erratic spin.

Experienced throwers use a lighter grip from the middle to the end of the palm. Meanwhile, fast throwers use a firmer grip that may result in inaccurate throws. Consider loosening the clamp and execute a finessed release to achieve more accurate throws.

You can mimic the grips of the best axe throwers, but it will still take time to perfect the execution. Taking pointers from a seasoned thrower will help you get the hold right, especially with flick grips.

Have a firm grip on the axe

There are several reasons for vertically inaccurate throws while gripping the axe firmly. Stronger wraparound grips are dependent on the release point, which is decided by hand moisture, the conscious hand release, and the throw’s strength.

Strive to perform lighter grips that flick itself to address potential errors. Perfecting this throw takes practice, but mastering it will result in more accurate throws.

Step 3: Keep it simple

Maintain a simple and easily repeatable motion because a variety of actions leads to varying throws. As you continue to experiment on your throw, you may discover accurate attempts but involving complex movements that are hard to repeat consistently.

Rocking back and forth while aligned with the target can help deliver accurate throws. After performing this motion, bring the axe to its initial position without pausing for the backswing and throw the axe to get better hits.

Aside from improving your accuracy, fast throws generate more power. However, while this cadence works during practices and comfortable conditions, it may not yield the same results when you must deliver because it does not provide a stable balance.

Maintain a simple and easily repeatable motion

Finding the perfect throw entails much practice and experimentation. If you want to be an expert thrower, you can take courses under the guidance of experienced axe throwers. They will teach you the best practices in terms of stance and throwing motion to deliver accurate strikes.

If you’re looking to get better at axe throwing in Vancouver, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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