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4 Reasons to go Axe Throwing in Vancouver!

Have you ever tried your hand at axe throwing? Well, it’s plenty of fun, and there are several reasons for you to give it a try. Best of all, it’s an activity that’s suitable for many occasions, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for the perfect time to give it a shot. The way we see it, anytime is a great time for axe throwing.

Here are four particular situations that make for a great opportunity to throw some axes around.

1. A date your partner will always remember

A date your partner will always remember

Axe throwing can be an awesome date idea for you and your loved one. It provides a way to learn something new together so that the two of you can work toward a shared goal. Both of you will also get plenty of chances to impress one another, and you might even get to take out some of your aggression in a safe and controlled manner. You can also get your other friends involved by turning it into a group date activity and encourage some friendly competition between partners.

2. A birthday party appropriate for adults

A birthday party appropriate for adults

For many people, growing old can mean that celebrating birthdays doesn’t sound quite as exciting as they did before. You might have lost interest in throwing big parties since these tend to be pretty exhausting to plan. This is one reason an axe throwing birthday bash could be an excellent way to celebrate! It will make for a unique experience that most people attending your birthday will surely remember. You also won’t have to worry about organizing the venue since there are professionals you can contact to do all the planning for you. Just invite your friends and family and enjoy the festivities.

3. A reunion between old friends

A reunion between old friends

Are there people from your past whose company you’ve been missing? Organize an axe throwing reunion for an excellent opportunity to reconnect with them. It’s a highly social activity that encourages people to mingle and interact with one another. It can also get people loosened up, so the people attending your reunion are more likely to forget that they haven’t seen everyone else in years and skip all that awkward silence. Additionally, your invitation will automatically stand out from the typical reunion invite, so they’ll be more likely to get interested.

4. A day to focus on yourself

A day to focus on yourself

You can also ditch the social aspect of axe throwing and just do it as a way to reconnect with yourself. Wielding the power of an axe in your hands can be a primal, almost spiritual, experience, and it can bring you closer to your own thoughts. By focusing on the task, you’ll have a chance to get in touch with your own strengths and motivate yourself to get better.

Word of Caution

Axe throwing can be a great way to bring people together and is suitable for many types of occasions. However, there are some things you need to remember, especially when trying it out for the first time. The most important among those is that you must observe proper safety protocols.

Whether you’re planning to host an event that features axe throwing, or just want to spend an afternoon improving your own skills, it’s always a good idea to seek the help of trained professionals to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

If you’re looking for an axe throwing place in Vancouver, get in touch with us to see how we can help.

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