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4 Skills to Master to Become an Excellent Axe Thrower

Axe throwing is a sport in which players throw axes at a target in order to accumulate points. In a sense, it is played much like darts, only that you use axes as your equipment. It started as a random backyard game among friends until it became an official sport in many countries, particularly in North America.

Many beginners find it hard to play the sport, mainly because the axe may be too heavy for them. To become a great player, you need to master some of the skills in axe throwing, including:

1. Grip

The key to consistent power and proper throwing technique is by mastering your grip. Whether you play the sport with one-handed, two-handed, or the Canadian flick grip, you should practice executing a type of grip to help improve your throw and find your edge.

2. Stance

Your stance during the game will depend solely on your preference and comfortability. However, like with your grip, you should also practice a consistent stance to help your body become familiar with the nature of the game and your preferred style. You can either keep one of your feet forward or keep both of them side-by-side. Whichever you prefer, make sure to follow a consistent pattern to master your gaming style.

3. Distance

Your distance or spot is another thing you should master

Your distance or spot is another thing that you should master to become an excellent axe thrower. Regardless of your style, grip, or stance, your spot will determine whether there is an adequate distance between you and the target to get a perfect strike. Ideally, your axe should make only one rotation when thrown. Therefore, mastering your “spot” will help ensure that you have the right distance for a perfect throw.

4. Follow-through

Besides your actual style of throwing, your follow-through or continuing movement after the throw contributes to the execution of the action. According to experts, imagining yourself reaching around to your lower back after executing a ball or dart style throw will help create a better result. However, if you use a stepping throw, you should perform a continuing step after throwing the axe.

Bonus: Solid Stance

After mastering your grip, stance, distance, and follow-through, you should practice a solid stance. You must maintain your balance when executing a throw, and keep yourself stable before, during, and after throwing the axe. Doing so will help ensure that your body has a consistent and solid movement, which will help improve and perfect your throw. However, that doesn’t mean that you should look and feel stiff. Have a solid stance, but allow your body to move towards the center of the target during the axe throwing to aim perfectly.


Axe throwing is an ideal sport for people who want an exciting and thrilling game that they can do in their backyards. This game only needs the basics, which are the axe and the target to be played. Whether you are playing for leisure or competition, mastering your grip, stance, distance, and follow-through, regardless of which style you follow, will significantly improve and perfect your throws.

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