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4 Tips to Plan the Best Bachelor or Bachelorette Party – Our Guide

Are you trying to plan the best bachelor or bachelorette party for your best friend or close relative? You would want it to be as exciting, engaging, and fun as possible for every one of your invited guests! After all, the friend you are planning for is just about to get married—that in itself is an exciting prospect.

Nevertheless, you might find your head spinning, trying to figure out precisely what you can include in your party to make it memorable. Depending on where you’re from, you may find numerous things you can do—which does not actually make planning any quicker to do! Fortunately, there are a few guidelines you can follow to make life a lot easier.

Here are a few tips to help you plan the best bachelor or bachelorette party:

1. Keep safety first

Keep safety first

Whatever it is you plan to do, always keep safety first in mind. For example, if you are planning to have alcohol readily available at the venue, be sure to implement ways to get the people home safely. For example, you can rent limos or other forms of transportation to avoid drunk friends from driving themselves home, which could put themselves and other drivers in danger. If you’re planning to do something unique—an plausibly dangerous—such as bungee jumping, break rooms, or an axe-throwing session, then make sure that all safety precautions are followed and secured.

2. Ask the bride or groom

If you are having trouble figuring out what you should do, do not be afraid to ask your soon-to-be-married friend what they would want! The two of you can even work together in the planning process. More often than not, they will have preferences that you can use to help identify precisely what you can include in the party that will make it a fun party for everyone involved in the party.

3. Create and follow a budget

While many people wish that they had unlimited budgets to hold parties around the world, the reality is that money will usually be the constraining factor in most, if not all, bachelor or bachelorette parties. Even if they do have an immeasurable amount of money, they do not have unlimited time to pull off an excessively big event.

Either way, when you are planning the party, create a budget and stick to it. If you can, ask the guests to chip in some money as well—this will at least supplement a bit of the cost that your planned party will take. Not only will this mean the budget is increased, but it will make it even more fun for everyone, especially for the special couple.

4. Choose activities everyone can enjoy

Choose activities everyone can enjoy

Remember, everyone is different. Some women will like a day at the spa while others will not; some men might love to hit the bar for a drink while others will not. Put simply, pick activities that all the guests will enjoy.

An excellent way to identify what people like to do is to interview a fair few of the guests, as well as the bride and groom, to see what they would love to do. Throw in some suggestions to give them some options to get started, such as axe-throwing, a casino trip, or even just a simple shopping spree!


After the party is planned out, carried out, and done at the end of the day, always remember to have fun! There is no point if you are sitting there worried all the time—so sit back, relax, and grab your favourite drink.

That said, do not forget to thank every single person for attending the party. Do this by creating small gifts or tokens as a gesture of gratitude. Also, do not ever forget to toast to the bride and groom! They are your friends, and you should show that you are extremely happy for them.

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