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5 of the Best Adult Birthday Party Ideas at Any Age

Who says that adult birthday parties always have to be fancy dinner parties? A wise person once said that you don’t stop playing because you get old; you get old because you stop playing. Whether you’re turning 21 or 67, your birthday party should be a fun and memorable event for you and everyone involved.

As such, we’ve compiled this list of the most fun and memorable ideas for adult parties. Here are just some of these ideas:

1. A DIY night

One of the most hilarious party ideas you can have is a DIY night with your friends. You could have a single project that you and your loved ones work on together for small gatherings, or you can host a competition between teams for slightly larger parties. The guests can even take their projects home. These projects could be paintings, little clay sculptures, or even DIY furniture. Just be sure to take the proper measures to reduce the likelihood of injuries.

2. A pub crawl

A pub crawl

This is a relatively fun and easy thing to plan, as all you have to do is look up the pubs, bars, and breweries in the area. After that, you can map out a route that takes you on a path through these bars. You can even look at the menus beforehand and call the bars in advance so they can be ready for you and your travelling band of debaucherous drinkers.

3. Adult tabletop night

If you and your friends are into tabletop games, you could assemble a bunch of your favourites and play a night of these wonderful games. You can even change up the rules, turning them into deadly drinking games that are sure to get your guests loose and silly.

4. Bad movie drinking games

Bad movies are sometimes so bad that they are fun to laugh at. Watching a bad movie with drinking game rules can be an incredibly fun experience for you and your friends, especially because you get to rag on something together as a group. It doesn’t even have to be a bad movie. It could be a favourite among your group that you always enjoy—which might be even more fun with a load of drinks.

5. Axe throwing

Axe throwing

There is nothing that draws out testosterone and adrenaline than an element of danger mixed in with the fun. What better way to do this than axe throwing? Axe throwing offers all this fun and danger in a relatively safe environment. Better still, you can enjoy a few beers with your friends and family while you throw sharp, dangerous objects at wooden targets. You could even bring the pictures of people you hate and certain political figures to your guests to hit their marks.

In conclusion

Your birthday is a special occasion that should be fun for both you and your guests. These are just some of the most fun things adults can do together to celebrate their birthdays. Whether it’s going out to drink at all the bars, making fun of bad movies together, or even axe throwing, you are sure to have a fun night with any of these activities.

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