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5 Situations Perfect for a Day of Axe Throwing – What to Know

If you’re bored, how long does it take you to find something worthwhile to do? Maybe a couple of minutes, sometimes hours perhaps. The time you spent searching for the perfect past might be worth it. However, more often than not, it isn’t. If you think you’ve tried everything, wait till you know about axe throwing.

People get tired quickly, which is why a lot of innovative activities are popping out one after the other. One of the most popular variants is axe throwing. The nocturnal charms of this game with deep historical roots help people kill time while having tons of fun—medieval-style if we might add.

Here are some occasions that make axe throwing a perfect activity to do with your family, friends, or significant other.


Who says that dates have to be romantic only? The whole point of dates is to have fun with the company of the other. Axe throwing hits the sweet spot in terms of fun. If you’re a couple who have tried every date type possible, a trip to the axe throwing range should be the next one on the list.

Birthday celebrations

People often have small get-togethers with family and friends on their birthday. You can make your birthday bash stand out if you celebrate it at your local axe throwing range. Aside from being the coolest birthday party ever, you’ll let your guests experience the exciting thrill of throwing a sharp axe on the wooden target.

You can even bring alcohol inside the activity area. Get a little intoxicated, but don’t have too much. Remember to practice responsible drinking since safety is always a priority.

 Bachelor party

 Bachelor party

A bachelor’s party doesn’t need to be a trip overseas or spent on a lavish hotel in Las Vegas. When you and your homies have an axe-throwing party, you can combine the adrenaline-filled atmosphere at Vegas and the fun-filled atmosphere of a tropical paradise in Phuket into one single activity.

The whole point of a bachelor’s party is to have the most fun with the married-to-be. Aside from strengthening friendships, axe throwing is an excellent activity to let your friend enjoy the remaining days of their single life. 

Family bonding

Family days are a hassle to plan. You need to pick activities that both parents and kids can equally enjoy. Luckily, axe throwing saves the day as it offers both adults and children fun like never before.

Don’t worry about everyone’s safety. The whole activity place is configured to ensure a safe playing environment. If you add the safety rules, you’ll certainly have the peace of mind.

School reunions

High school reunions shouldn’t be in boring restaurants. They’re best spent on adrenaline-rush activities. The laugher and giggles caused by throwing a piece of medieval hunting tool will rekindle all the memories of the good old days.

School reunions


Axe throwing is a safe, new kind of activity that caters to the needs of people who want a unique event that lets them exercise while having fun. The prices are friendly too, so you won’t have to starve yourself to play one round.

Are you looking for an axe-throwing place in Vancouver? Get in touch with us to throw some axes now.

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