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6 Reasons You Must Try Axe Throwing Today – What to Know

Axe throwing is gaining so much popularity these days, yet not everyone recognizes it as a real sport. The truth is that axe throwing is an actual sport that even involves leagues, lots of rules, and coaches. Although it started in Canada, this form of entertainment and competition has now opened up in more places all over the world.

If you have never thought about axe throwing before, here are six reasons you should try it:

It’s A Fun Activity

Perhaps the best reason you should try axe throwing is that it’s fun! Have you ever thrown an object towards a target out of frustration or pure enjoyment? The new experience is thrilling, exciting, and eye-opening, which makes it a lot of fun! Additionally, you’ll feel on a high when you hear the “thud” sound when the sharp object meets the wood.

You’ll Feel Better

It’s A Great Bonding Experience

The force you exert and the feeling of release when you throw the axe are amazingly stress-relieving, which will make you feel so much better after. If you have any pent-up tension or emotions you need to release but couldn’t put them into words, then you should try throwing an axe at the target! Similarly, trying out and learning a new sport is a definite way to make you feel better about yourself.

It’s A Great Bonding Experience

Are you thinking of new ways to bond with your loved ones? If you haven’t tried axe throwing yet, know that it’s an excellent approach to help you bond with one another. It’s also a perfect excuse to get everyone in the same room.

If you are planning for a group activity for employees or coworkers, you can also opt for a private booking with us at Urban Axe Throwing. With this, you can bring up to 29 people and even bring your own drinks and snacks!

It’s Something Different

The hype is real, and it’s indeed worth a try. Freshen up your perspective and get into the habit of trying something unique, such as axe throwing. When you feel bored with other activities and want to do something not everybody has experienced, then axe throwing should be on your list!

There’s A Good Community

There’s A Good Community

Axe throwing has formed friendly communities over the years, where you can meet new people who also enjoy this activity. Likewise, you can meet professionals in these communities that will open your eyes to the art of axe throwing. Check out our axe throwing leagues to see which groups you can tap into if you want to make a hobby out of this activity!

You Get To Work Out Your Core

We all want a strong and beautiful core, and this activity is a great way to give your abs some workout. When you’re throwing axes with the proper form, you will feel the stretches in your abs. Aside from that, you will also feel it in your upper arm muscles!


Trying out new things, such as axe throwing, is a wonderful way to broaden your perspective. Every new activity will let you learn more about yourself, and you might like axe throwing and turn it into a hobby! Even if it’s for a company exercise, the reasons shared above are enough to prompt you to try out the activity, especially since it’s gaining so much popularity these days.

If you are looking for one of the best places for axe throwing in Vancouver, BC, then you have come to the right place. At Urban Axe Throwing, our skilled coaches will show you to ropes and how to make the most of your time. Get in touch with us today to book a session!

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