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6 Reasons You Should Try Axe Throwing Right Now – What to Know

Axe throwing, regardless of what you may have heard, isn’t just some trend because it’s actually a real sport. It comes with its own set of rules, coaches, leagues, and lots of positive energy. What began as a Canadian pastime is now an international phenomenon, with axe throwing lanes cropping up in many places around the world.

If you’re considering whether you should join this axe throwing madness, here are seven reasons you should definitely give axe throwing a try now!

#1 – It’s ridiculously fun

Out of the other reasons, the fun that you will receive is an obvious reason to try out axe throwing. You get to whip an axe through the air, watch it cut soundlessly towards the target, and listen to the satisfying “thud” sound when deadly metal meets wood. You can work on your lumberjack moves, compete against your friends, and listen to music while playing a fun game with your best pals. Although this sport may seem hard at first, almost anyone with proper body balance can master it. After a few throws, you’ll see yourself improving.

#2 – It makes you feel awesome

Not to be overlooked, throwing a massive, deadly axe at a target in the company of your best friends makes you look like a skilled person. Not only do you get to enjoy getting back to your rugged roots, but also you get to wield the ultimate power of the axe. Once you feel that axe’s impressive weight in your hands, you’ll never be the same.

#3 – You get to spend time with friends

In pubs, there are darts, pub quizzes, and pool to accompany your average night of socializing with friends. With axe throwing available, on the other hand, it’s a great way to gather a group of friends for the night and do something together that you’re really going to remember. Most axe throwing locations let you bring your own snacks and non-alcoholic drinks as well, so it’s similar to going to the pub.

#4 – It’s wildly unique

If you don’t trust the hype surrounding axe throwing, go and check it out for yourself. Trying out new things can freshen up your perspective. Previously, axe throwing was reserved for that special occasional hit when a cottage owner got angry with a stubborn piece of wood, and now, it’s everywhere.

#5 – It has a wonderful community

The axe throwing community is a wonderful group of people who are mostly described as an alternative bunch with a focus on true sportsmanship and camaraderie. Just check out any of the axe throwing leagues near you, and you’ll see how many enthusiasts have been competing for a title while having a blast with like-minded people. Statistics even show that 40% of players are women!

#6 – It’s a fantastic ab workout

It’s not that axe throwing is like CrossFit, but when you’re throwing axes, it’s actually an excellent form of workout. If you’re doing it with the proper form, you’ll not only really feel it in your abs, but you’ll also feel it in your upper arm muscles. When you join an axe-throwing league, you’ll likely develop the physique of a lumberjack in no time.

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