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A Brief History Lesson on How Axe Throwing Came to Be

With its evergrowing popularity these days, axe throwing is something that you have probably already heard of. It is an enjoyable activity where you stand in one spot and fling axes at a target. It is much like darts, but instead of darts, you are tossing axes.

Sounds a little bizarre? We totally understand if you are wondering how an activity even came to be. Well, let us tell you that this has been going on for many thousands of years. The axe itself has been a tool that has played a massive role in our history.

To give you a better idea, here’s a brief history lesson on the origin of axe throwing:

The Early Hand Axes

Something that might surprise you is that the first axes ever made did not have a handle. They consisted of just the head, where you would hold it in your hand and use it chip away at a surface. These axes were typically made of stone, much before copper, bronze, iron, and other metals were discovered and used. It was only much later when handles were finally included in the design.

The Folklores

The Folklores

There are plenty of myths, folklore, and tales surrounding these tools.

Stone axes, in particular, were believed to be the embodiment of lightning. They were placed on many things such as buildings because of this, based on the belief that lightning does not strike the same spot twice.

When it comes to steel axes, it was believed that a hailstorm could be warded off by throwing these tools at them. Because of this, axes were placed in the middle of crop fields to keep the plants safe from bad weather. Some cultures also believed that an axe could keep witches away and even promise the birth of a male child.

The Modern Axe

As time passed, better materials such as steel were discovered. Also, the wooden handle was implemented into the design. While hand axes still existed, the term gained a new meaning. Other than just being an axe head that you held in your hand, hand axes also referred to handled axes that can be wielded with one hand.

The Throwing

The Throwing

How did axe throwing come to be? Well, people have most likely been throwing axes the day it came into existence. They were probably using it in combat to take down ranged enemies or to hunt down animals for food.

It would not be a surprise if someone from our history decided to throw axes for competition at some point, whether their purpose was to boast to friends that they were the best or to win some sort of competition.


While we don’t know for certain when the fad of throwing axes started, just be glad that it happened! Thanks to that, the axe throwing we all know and love has come to be, providing thousands with plenty of fun and exercise. The next time you see an axe, you know that it is so much more than just for chopping a tree.

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