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An Amateur’s Guide to Joining Axe Throwing Competitions

Axe throwing is a unique and thrilling activity that is sure to get your blood pumping from all the action and excitement. While the idea of flinging axes around can be scary at first, this can be a fantastic way to have fun with others. In fact, this is perfect to try as a game with friends or as a corporate team-building event.

Meanwhile, if you have been throwing axes for fun and want to turn your hobby into a serious commitment, you need to get all set up and ready first before becoming a professional axe thrower. Here are some steps on how you can start joining competitions:

Practice a lot

The first step to getting your chance to step into the arena is by practicing—a lot. Throwing axes professionally is different from doing it just for fun. Joining competitions takes a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication. You must be ready to give it your best shot if you want to compete and succeed.

When practicing, try different axes, foot placements, grips, handle lengths, releases, steps, and strides. Develop a consistent throw and make sure that you are in a comfortable position. Keep experimenting and practicing until you naturally hit the axe throwing target each and every time.

Ask for feedback

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To improve your techniques, ask an expert or someone trained and well-versed in the sport to watch you while throwing axes. They will provide you with a list of your deficiencies and other pointers you need to enhance your skills.

When asking for feedback from an experienced axe thrower, make sure to keep an open mind and accept constructive criticism. This will help you in your journey to becoming a successful professional axe thrower.

Measure your progress

Putting in countless hours of practice does not mean anything if you do not care about your growth. You need to set goals and milestones and slowly increase their difficulty in the long run.

Make sure to measure your progress regularly. This way, you will see your key areas for growth, discover how you measure yourself against other axe throwers, know where you stand, and get inspired to strive better.

Relax and have fun

Relax and have fun

Competitions are more than just abiding the axe throwing rules, developing your throwing techniques, and aiming to hit the bullseye every time. One of the aspects that make throwing matches challenging is the audience. While it is relatively easy to nail the target when practicing alone or just playing for fun, the idea of performing in front of other people can make you self-conscious and nervous.

The secret to being at ease during competition is by having fun while playing. Think back to the very first time you threw the axe and hit target after target. Keep that memory in mind and remember that one of the main reasons why you first wanted to step into the arena in the first place is because you truly enjoy the sport.


Joining axe-throwing competitions requires patience and passion. You need to find the proper grip, correct stance, and right throwing motion to nail the bullseye. Just keep practicing and honing your skills, and you will be a professional in no time.

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