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Axe Marks the Spot: Axe-Throwing for Birthday Parties

When you are planning for a fun and successful birthday party, why not add a bit of chopping flair with some axe throwing! This birthday activity is a cut above the rest due to the satisfaction and adrenaline rush your guests will get from each throw.

So what exactly should you expect from an axe-throwing birthday party, and what themes can you get into? This guide is your one-chop shop to all things axe-throwing and aiming for the bullseyes of success.

Reasons Axe-Throwing Is a Fun Birthday Activity

Take note of the following reasons axe-throwing is definitely made for the birthday partying crowd:

  1. Safe and clean-cut fun
Reasons Axe-Throwing Is a Fun Birthday Activity

Axe-throwing may sound extreme or dangerous, but it’s actually very safe so long as everyone wears protective gear and observes safety precautions. All the staff are dedicated to teaching your guests the proper axe-throwing rules and techniques to nail their targets. There are designated throwing stations and safety railings to avoid any accidents.

It is also important to note that the axes are designed for throwing. They are light enough to carry and are easy to swing. You will be supervised and trained without the axe as well before going for the target. Once your safety is well-accounted for, your throwing fun begins!

  1. A great stress reliever for adults and co-workers

Axe-throwing is also a fun activity for the adults in the birthday crowd. As they want some time off work and take out their stress in a healthy way, axe-throwing is sure to provide the stress-releasing activity they need. It’s also a great way to get all the anger issues out of the way.

Axe-throwing is also seen as a healthy way of channelling stress into physical activities. Often, this is rarely seen in the working environment, as most workers are confined to their office desks all day. A fun break from that at a birthday party is certainly a welcome opportunity.

  1. Great mature activity for growing children
Great mature activity for growing children

As your child gets older, they will lose interest in birthday games for kids, like pinning the tail on the donkey or moose. They’ll probably want to release their newfound rage or teenage angst as well.

Axe-throwing is a great way to welcome your child into puberty by encouraging them to deal with their raging hormones in a healthy way. It also sets them apart from the childish parties that they have now grown to hate. You will certainly be tagged as the cool parent when you approve of your children throwing axes.

Great Birthday Party Themes with Axe-Throwing

Now that we have looked into the many reasons to consider axe-throwing should as a birthday event, we will now help you brainstorm. Consider the following themed birthday ideas:

  • Woodland- or nature walk-themed

As any lumberjack needs their axe in the woods, it’s easy to make the link to axe throwing. You can make this birthday about nature conservation. First, you can book a nature trail for your birthday crowd and have them talk to an expert about illegal logging and the effects of cutting down trees.

Then, make the transition by highlighting that axes should be for hitting targets instead of haphazardly cutting down trees. This is a great way to make a birthday educational, action-packed, and exhilarating for your guests.

  • Zombie-themed

For birthdays near the Halloween season, axe-throwing is a great activity to have with a zombie theme. This is because the axe is a valuable tool to use to chop zombie heads clean off. You can elevate the apocalypse appeal with a zombie head birthday cake and have your guests wear survival mode gear or ghoulish zombie customers.


Instead of throwing a traditional birthday party, have your guests throw axes today and enjoy cutting down targets together!

Are you looking for an axe-throwing facility and service in Vancouver? We at Urban Axe Throwing can supply you with axe-throwing tools and properly orient your party guests. Throw a successful birthday party with us today!

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