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Axe Throwing 101 – A Comprehensive Guide to the Rules & Techniques for Beginners

Axe-throwing is steadily skyrocketing in popularity in Canada and other parts of the world as the trending sport offers a unique and fun activity anyone can enjoy – from families, workmates, to friends.

Hurling an axe towards a target is a friendly stress-buster that provides a memorable cathartic experience, but the best part is that it can foster bonds and friendly competition between groups for multi-generational families, date nights, to team-building activities.

What is Axe Throwing?

Axe-throwing works similarly to the mechanics of darts, in which the sport involves throwing at a target to hit as close as possible to a bullseye. Any axe-throwing centers will have a target that has four rings and a bullseye in the center.

Each ring progressively accumulates more points up to six once reaching the bullseye. Meanwhile, there are two extra dots on the outer ring of the target which are called killshots. These offer a high risk, which means hitting at least one provides a high trade-off that are worth eight points.

What is Axe Throwing?

Players can only attempt a killshot in certain times during a standard game, most of which consists of ten throws followed by tiebreakers, if there necessary. Axe-throwing is a safe and fun recreational activity that anyone can get into, but hurling at a target is not as straightforward as it seems.

How to Throw An Axe Properly

Just like any sport, axe-throwing involves practice and proper techniques if you want to hit as accurately as possible. There are two major ways to throw an axe:

  • Two-Handed Method – As the moniker suggests, this method involves gripping the axe with both hands and brining it straight over the back of your head. You can gain power by pulling the axe forward and releasing your grip once your hands are in line with your target.

  • One-Handed Throw Method – This method requires the player to swing down beside the leg to gain some swinging momentum. The next step is to bring the axe back up past the ear of your throwing hand, before lining up at the target and releasing once you notice your arm is parallel to the ground and the target.

It’s best to avoid adding any wrist motion as it can lead to injuries if you release is wrong. Do not throw the axe using your fingers as it will hurl uncontrollably, which can run the risk of hitting other targets, the floor, or even hurting other people.

Conclusion: Axe Throwing as a Stress-Busting Activity You Can Do with Family and Friends

Axe Throwing as a Stress-Busting Activity You Can Do with Family and Friends

Just like with any activity and sports, everything begins with the right instruction and proper practice. Learning how to grip and align your axe with the target can go a long way in practicing safe axe-throwing. Not to mention, it also improves your chances of hitting consistently good targets.

If you’re looking to have an axe-throwing session when in Vancouver, get in touch with us today to book!

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