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Axe Throwing – 3 Effective Tips to Hit the Clutch Consistently

Axe throwing is a growing sport that involves flinging axes to hit the targets. This thrilling activity is sure to get you and your friends and loved ones to enjoy an action-packed game and have your blood pumping. While the idea of playing with axes seems dangerous, this exciting activity is truly safe and fun when played under the supervision of professionals in a controlled environment.

The target of this game includes the clutch, which is blue dots on the upper half of the target that is worth ten points. While this is a high-risk scoring area, this offers a high reward when hit successfully.

To become a professional axe thrower, you need to be able to hit the clutch shot after shot effortlessly. It can be challenging to achieve, but with dedication and tons of practice, you might be able to hit it naturally—and even hit the clutch for the win!

Here are some tips to help you hit the clutch shots consistently:

Find your pace

Find your pace

When throwing axes, your pace is important and impacts your hits significantly. Therefore, you need to find the pace that works best for you.

If you lose your focus easily, you may consider setting up carefully and throwing as soon as you get back to the line. This may help you hit the axe throwing target precisely before your thoughts start to wander.

On the other hand, if you think you need a second to breathe and focus before your adrenaline begins hitting you, then you may want to take your time first before throwing.

Remember, throw only when you are starting to feel pumped up and ready. Regardless of what you choose to do, make sure that your pace works for you.

Control the speed and force of your throw

The secret to hitting the clutch successfully is figuring out the perfect speed and force of your throw.

For starters, plant your foot firmly on the ground, slow down your arm, then throw the axe gently onto the target. With a slow, gentle throw, you have better chances of hitting the clutch.

Develop an effective throwing strategy

Develop an effective throwing strategy

Professional axe throwers give out various tips to hit the target successfully at all times. You may try exploring their strategies by reaching out to them or doing your research and applying these techniques to the way you play. Practice regularly and don’t be afraid to experiment to find out which method works best for you. This will help you play smart in the long run.


Competing at a professional level of axe throwing requires you to hit the clutch with ease. The only way to attain this is by practicing a lot. There is no shortcut to getting better at throwing axes. Just like any other competitive sport, this demands your commitment, time, and effort.

When practicing throwing for clutch, make sure to find your pace, go for a slow, gentle throw, and create your strategy when playing. In essence, you need to figure out your throw and go for the technique that works perfectly for you.

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