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Axe-Throwing Is an Effective Fitness Trend You Should Try

If you’re thinking of ways to spend time with your friends, have fun, and also squeeze in a bit of a workout, axe throwing is an activity that you should definitely try.

Axe throwing is a new trend that allows you to bond with your friends, develop a new skill, and be a bit competitive, all while having a good time. Fortunately, the way you move your body and the amount of energy you use is also the perfect workout that could help you build muscle in your shoulders, lats, and core.

If you’re curious about axe-throwing and what it can do for your fitness journey, keep reading. We’ll share with you how you can turn axe throwing into your go-to workout for the day. Let’s get into it!

Axe throwing safety

Axe throwing safety

Before you start swinging your arms and throwing axes here and there, it pays to know some quick safety tips before you begin.

Even if you’re in a safe area, throwing axes can still be quite dangerous. And because of that, before raising your axe, ensure that no one is around you and that people are at a safe distance. When we say “no one is around you,” we mean that there shouldn’t be anyone in your line of sight, beside you, or behind you. This is because you might accidentally hit them when you swing or throw your axe.

Besides that, make sure you’re wearing the right outfit and protective gear when you’re axe throwing. Make sure you’re wearing a helmet and closed shoes to protect your head and feet. Also, you want to protect your hands; you can wear gloves since axes can be quite heavy and may give your hands discomfort.

Different ways to do axe throwing and turn it into a workout

Different ways to do axe throwing and turn it into a workout

Axe throwing is a physical activity since you’ll be throwing a heavy steel hatchet towards a 12ft target. Before you start throwing axes, make sure that you warm up and do some stretches that will wake up your upper body’s muscles.

Below are some axe throwing movements that you can try to target muscle groups and help you build and tone your muscles.

Two-handed axe throw
  1. Put your feet together
  2. Slowly lift the axe above your head with two hands, holding the hatcher securely near the end of its handle
  3. Place your less dominant foot forward while you use your dominant foot for stabilization
  4. Focus on the bulls-eye and bring the hatchet forward
  5. Once you’ve aligned your hatchet with the bulls-eye, release the axe and follow-through
One-handed axe throw
  1. Begin with your feet together
  2. Hold the handle near the end of the hatchet using your throwing hand
  3. Step forward with your less dominant foot and use your dominant foot to help you keep your balance
  4. Keeping your eyes on the bulls-eye, bring your hatchet forward, release the axe once it’s levelled with the bulls-eye, and follow-through


If throwing axes to a wall and building muscle at the same time while drinking beer sounds appealing to you, then you just found the perfect activity. Now that you know the safety measures and different moves you can do while axe throwing, you’ll certainly have a fun time with friends as well as build muscle and tone your body.

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