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Axe Throwing Tips for Champions: How to Easily Become a Pro

Axe throwing is a fun way to unwind and release some tension after a long day at work, but you may grow to take it as a personal sport. This might be because you have the makings of a champion: the hunger for victory, being enticed by axes and targets, and sheer determination. But what exactly should you know when you want to become a professional axe thrower?

This article will provide you with five easy-to-remember tips to guide you through your journey from a novice axe thrower into a champion. Take this as an opportunity to enjoy a sport that you love and become a prominent figure among axe throwing professionals, like the big players in the Backyard Axe Throwing League.

Stick to the axe throwing rules

Stick to the axe throwing rules

You cannot miss out on the rules of axe throwing. They are there for your safety and convenience to become a champion. So take the time to memorize them all. You can either do your research and read the different axe throwing for different leagues and events.

You can also look for coaching sessions that will orient you in all things axe throwing. Remember, these rules are your strong foundation to become a pro at axe throwing.

Practice throwing without an axe

One of the best ways to learn about axe throwing is to practice, and you can do so without an axe. Preferably, you want to practice in front of a mirror to see how your body positions and initiates the throwing motion.

Practice throwing while studying your body’s motion allows you to correct things effectively for more efficient throwing. For instance, you can better determine your dominant foot when you are in a position to throw. And before you know it, you will be a pro once you start throwing axes during on-site practice and professional leagues.

Celebrate all your victories

Every champion needs a cheering squad, but you also need to be mindful of your victories. It’s a way for you to track your progress and take pride in your accomplishments. You can also feel more determined to keep going to be the best and inspire other aspiring axe throwers to put in as much effort as you.

You can also use your victories as a legitimate way to gauge if you’re ready for the next level of competition, like going pro or taking on other champions. That way, you can become a well-known champion and find new axe-throwing hurdles to conquer.

Channel your inner anger

Axe throwing can trigger an adrenaline rush, but you need to learn how to control it. One of the best ways to do it is to channel your inner anger. Doing so will enable you to have the passion necessary to conquer all your targets. You can also do deep breathing exercises and channel other emotions to empower you to perform at your best.

Join local axe throwing leagues

Join local axe throwing leagues

You need to establish a strong track record in your local community before you can join the big players at the Backyard Axe Throwing League. This means winning all the local axe throwing leagues. It’s a way for you to embody the sport’s competitive spirit and find supporters that will help you become a champion.

Sign up for our axe throwing leagues at Urban Axe Throwing to hone your skills and become an axe-throwing champion.


Axe throwing champions are not born overnight. You have to put in the time and effort to ensure that each axe throw is an effortless bullseye. Fortunately, there are ways for you to hone your skills. Commit yourself to all the formerly mentioned tips and become an axe-throwing champion! Urban Axe Throwing can provide you with the best urban axe throwing experience in Vancouver. We have numerous activities, professional staff, and facilities to help you become a pro. Visit us today and achieve greatness with each throw.

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