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Cut to the Chase – How Safe Is Axe Throwing

Throwing a birthday party or your blast for fun? Well, spice it up with an axe throwing stint! But while it makes you quiver in thrill and excitement, how safe can it be? Here, we’re dropping some details about axe throwing safety so you can dodge any problem that could go your way.

Tip #1: Always Double-Check the Condition and Quality of Your Equipment

Ensure all materials and equipment are in proper condition and up to standards. Before the show starts, coaches should prep and complete a checklist, and that includes meticulously checking the target boards, and making sure that the axes are sharp enough to strike the targets but not to harm you by touch.

Tip #2: After Getting on the Stand, Check Your Throwing Distance

Standard throwing vantage is about 12 feet from the target. Usually, an axe throwing lane has an X or a yellow line to mark the spot of the participants, with two markers facing each other to allow simultaneously throwing side-by-side. Each of these markers is about six feet apart, paving some clearance around each player.

Mostly, an axe throwing party hosts more than just two participants, and all of those who aren’t presently throwing are positioned behind designated areas that are at least six feet away from the throwing markers. At this distance, there’s fair enough clearance to keep any ricochet or axe bounce backs from hitting anyone.

It’s also good that locations have cages in between each lane to protect everyone at the scene. To top it off, it makes for an overall experience of thrill and fun from watching along the sidelines. In some instances, there’s a spectator area for the joy of just watching it all happen because some would rather be just a watcher.

Tip #3: Learn About the Axe Holsters

Standing between each marker for the throwers are the axe holsters. Here’s how it works; it acts as storage from which players grab their axes, then makes their throw to the target, retrieves the axes back from the goal (just when it’s safe!), then returns it to the holster when done.

Upon putting back the axes on the holster, make sure its blade is facing down, so it’s safe and comfortable to pick up for another round. Some common instances during the party include not allowing participants to pass their own set of axes to another player, and not placing axes in open areas or anywhere where it can be easily picked up by another person by the blade.

To that end, the axe throwing party should also be directly supervised by professionals to ensure that everything happens accordingly and out of danger.

Tip #4: Start the Countdown and Brace Yourself Before Throwing

A coach should be there to keep an eye and start the countdown from three. Once the count begins, participants should exactly be in their position. But that’s for starters, and if you get used to it, you can start your countdown with your partner on each throw.

The countdown is done to ensure that no one slips and accidentally retrieves their axe before another player. Remember, safety first!

Tip #5: Always Let Players Complete their Throw Before Retrieving Your Axe

Always Let Players Complete their Throw Before Retrieving Your Axe

Axe throwing is done simultaneously. Strictly let each player complete their throw before either come to retrieve their axes from the target area. It’s imposed to keep you away from major accidents that may lead to severe injuries, so be wary of the party and keep an eye on every action and detail of the event.

Conclusion: It’s All About Practicing Awareness to Achieve Safe Fun with Axe Throwing

The devil is in the detail. Axe throwing is safe if, and only if, all safety measures are followed intricately and strictly. It’s more fun and thrilling if you keep it safe! If you’re looking to have an axe throwing session when in Vancouver, get in touch with us today to book!

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