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Everything You Need to Know About Safely Throwing Axes

In recent years, axe throwing has grown in relevance, accessibility, and enjoyment thanks to the full-fledged push for alternative forms of sports that anyone can enjoy.

For many Vancouver natives who love being outdoors and enjoy an activity that doesn’t revolve around a ball’s presence, it’s clear that this sport is well worth getting into. Whether you want to break a sweat and build some muscles or bring your hyper-lumberjack dreams to life, then you should start throwing the hatchet instead of merely burying or stowing it away.

As enjoyable as axe throwing may sound, however, it’s vital to note that it’s quite dangerous because you’re dealing with a sharp weapon. Fortunately, learning how to enjoy axe throwing safely can be easily managed and achieved every time you’re at the training centre if you understand the fundamentals.

If you find that you’ve got a budding interest for throwing tools dead-on but don’t know where to start on being as safe as possible, here’s a guide to everything you need to brush up on:

Why safety matters

When it comes to engaging in a sport that’s as detail-driven as axe-throwing, it’s vital to consider the fact that even the smallest of mistakes can lead to even bigger problems.

For instance, the experts at Urban Axe Throwing heavily emphasize on the importance of safely throwing axes because doing the opposite can harm you or anybody in your area. Suppose you dive deeper into the world of throwing hatches and begin to gain more familiarity with its nuances. In that case, it’s safe to assume that the need for safety when throwing bladed tools around is worth working towards every time!

The idea of clearance

The idea of clearance

A central concept that you’ll need to get out of the way if you want to start your axe throwing hobby on the right track is to ensure that clearance is upheld at all times.

Similar to firing a gun, asking for clearance of at least six feet around the target area ensures that everyone is clear to avoid accidents, and everything is set for you to have as many sessions as possible. Once you get this idea down and make it a point to remind those around you about clearance, you’ll be able to ensure safety in the range or outdoors at all times!

Technique-related matters

Apart from upholding the mandatory rule of proper clearance, it’s vital to remember that safe axe throwing is also highly dependent on the person doing the throwing, which is where your techniques come in.

When it comes to safely enjoying such an activity, it’s essential to remember that you’ll need to work on two components of your technique, namely continuously: gripping and throwing. By taking the time to practice and brushing up on the fundamentals (or hiring an instructor at Urban Axe Throwing to help you train properly), you can ensure that you aren’t a danger to those around you or yourself!


It may sound like a fun activity at first (and there’s no denying that it is), yet it’s essential to remember that axe throwing is also an activity that requires being as safe as possible. By following this guide and taking note of all the different topics covered above, you can ensure that you’ll have your fun while staying safe enough to ensure that everything goes smoothly!

Are you in a mood for an adventure that can only be satisfied with a one-of-a-kind activity? Embark on an exciting experience and experience axe throwing in Vancouver by visiting our facility today!

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