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Fun & Quirky First Date Night Ideas You Should Consider – What to Know

First dates—nothing is ever as exciting than going on a first date with the person you really like. However, thinking about where to go or what to do on your first date can be overwhelming. You stress about what to wear, how to act, or whether or not the date will lead to a second one or bound to fail.

First dates are a great opportunity to really get to know a person—to have fun and not be so serious. Sure, “Netflix and chill” has recently become the go-to date for a lot of people. Or you can go with the norm and follow the cliché rules of dating—go to the movies or have a romantic walk in the park. Wouldn’t it be a little dull and dragging?

Here are a few quirky first date ideas you should consider:

Axe Throwing

Trying out new experiences and being adventurous can be so much fun. It could provide an opportunity to explore new things, create new memories, and expect the unexpected. Think axe throwing as a brilliant first date night idea. It is a great venue to be interactive with one another, where you actually get to talk and get to know each other on a cool new perspective while learning a new skill.

Axe Throwing on your first date

Axe throwing is never boring nor dull. It is a great and quirky way to impress your date. It is your opportunity to let your personality shine—to show them your masculine, strong, playful, and humorous side. Axe throwing goes beyond the norm. It is unconventional, allowing both of you to be real and experience what dating is really about.

If you want a first date that will leave amazing and lasting memories, then axe throwing is your solution. Think of an axe throwing date as typical bowling night, except that it’s way more fun. With so many axe throwing bars in the region, such as Urban Axe Throwing, your first date is guaranteed to be a success where you both can build some muscles, forge a unique kind of closeness that can only be built out of wacky shared experiences, break a sweat, and show your date just how great of a person you really are.

Wine and Paint Party

Have you ever thought about a wine and paint event for a first date? Probably not. This is another fun and unique way to spend some time with your date. The main premise of this event is that a leader will offer you and your date a step-by-step guide in completing a painting while enjoying a drink or two. If you have no issues running the risk of putting some paint on your drink and getting a little messy, then this is a great choice.

Trivia Night

Many bars and restaurants are now incorporating trivia night as part of their specials. This is particularly organized by the crew, and guests are encouraged to participate where they can earn points, drinks, money, and more. For those who want to test their knowledge and enjoy friendly competition, this is an awesome first date night choice.

People having fun on trivia night

Think outside the box and make your first date as memorable and enjoyable as possible, you may never know, that first date might eventually lead to your forever.

If you are looking to go axe throwing in Vancouver for your first date, Urban Axe Throwing is your best option. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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