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How to Hit the Bullseye With Your Axe in Three Steps – Our Guide

Whether you are a fitness maestro that visits the gym whenever you can or whether you’re the type of person who loves to watch Netflix all day, why not engage in a sport as fun and exciting as axe throwing?

No, we are not telling you to grab your axe and start flinging it at trees. Rather, we’re telling you to grab your axe and start flinging at trees accurately. Not only will you gain a skill that’ll surely impress anyone you meet, but you’ll be giving yourself a good workout too!

But how do you throw an axe properly? Here is how:

Step 1. Take a stance

You’ll need to get your stance in line. If you fail this step right here, then you’re not going to throw the axe accurately at all.

But what’s the right posture for axe-throwing? This will depend on your dominant hand. If you are right-handed, place your hand at the bottom of the axe, with the left hand above it. As for your feet, your left foot should be in front of you, approximately nine inches from your right foot. This would be the opposite if you were left-handed, with the left hand below the right hand and the right foot in front of the left.

Step 2. Get to aiming

Get to aiming

Now, when it comes to aiming, there are a few things that you must do to ensure that it all works out.

When you start to aim, you will lean towards the food that is in front. While doing that, you will look straight at the target with your arms stretched out in front of you. To get a bullseye, you will need to line up the axe with the center of the target. With that done, here comes the exciting part—throwing the axe.

Step 3. Let it fly

Once the axe is aligned with the bullseye, slowly bring it over your head until your elbows are right by your ears. With that, slowly bend your arms back while still maintaining the position of the elbows. Also, carefully move your body and lean on the back foot while this is all happening.

With that out of the way, you are ready to let it fly. With one full swing, swing the arms forward while releasing the axe at its peak height. Follow through with the throw as well, meaning that even though you released the axe earlier, your arms will still go through the motion of going in front and down. Again, while this is all happening, move your body weight back to your front foot to give you the momentum you need. What you are trying to do here is to use your whole body—not just your arms—to throw the axe. This should be similar to how you would throw a football back into the field when it goes out of bounds.


By practicing what we’ve shared, you’ll be able to wow your friends by consistently hitting the bullseye every single time. That said, you might be wondering what kind of use you’d have for such a skill. Well, other than being a maestro at throwing axes, honestly, nothing much really. But just like some other skills out there, like opening a beer bottle with a piece of paper, it’s just a plain fun skill to have.

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