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How to Prepare for an Axe Throwing Date Night – Our Guide

Going on dates is fun and exciting, but if the thought of going to bars, watching movies, or playing bowling already bore you, then it’s time to look for new date ideas. If you and your significant other are up for a thrilling activity, why not try axe throwing? While the idea of flinging an axe through the air and trying to stick it into your target may sound dangerous and scary, our coaches at Urban Axe Throwing can ensure that you and the love of your life will have a great date.

Get your blood pumping with excitement and unleash your competitiveness. If you are up for the challenge and are considering trying axe throwing with your partner, then this guide is for you. Here are some steps you can take to have a successful date night:

Wear comfortable clothes

Instead of prioritizing style to impress your date, wearing comfortable clothes is a must when going axe throwing. Avoid fitted shirts or tight dresses to make sure that your outfit won’t constrain your movement or your ability to throw an axe.

Ensure that you get the full range of motion to hit the bullseye by testing out the clothes you are planning to wear and trying doing an overhand throw. Slip into something more comfortable if you feel that the clothes you are wearing are too tight to make that move or create a barrier when you have both hands over your head.

Use a closed-toe shoes

Wearing heels, sandals, or open-toe shoes is a major no-no in axe throwing. Some incidents that can require you to get prompt medical attention are getting splinters when wood chips fly off the target and cutting your feet when an axe slipped out of your hands. To ensure your safety and minimize your risk of injuries, wear closed-toe shoes, such as running or casual shoes, flats, or boots.

Be yourself

Be yourself

Whether you are going on your first date or simply looking for a new activity that you may enjoy with your significant other, axe throwing is an ideal date idea. It’s understandable to feel nervous and worried about doing something unfamiliar, but exploring new activities with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be an excellent way of pursuing a new hobby and discovering interesting things about one another.

Try to calm your nerves and just be yourself. Remember, an axe throwing venue is a safe environment, and there are coaches who are sure to guide you throughout your entire session. To help you better prepare for your upcoming date night, you can do your research about axe throwing rules, proper footing and stance, effective throwing methods, and more to equip yourself with the necessary information that can help you play axe throwing successfully.


Axe throwing is an exciting activity that can be an ideal date idea. By following the steps listed above, seeking help from experienced coaches, and heading to a reputable axe throwing venue, you and your significant other are sure to have your best time possible.

If you are interested in trying axe throwing in Vancouver, feel free to head to our venue. We have skilled coaches who can teach you the ropes and ensure you will have an enjoyable game. Contact us to book now!

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