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How to Use a Throwing Tomahawk Like a Professional

Axe throwing is an age-old skill that various mountain folk used to hunt and go to war with as their tool. While the movies make it look so effortless and so brutal, it actually isn’t as quick as it seems. Throwing an axe wasn’t a method used for ranged combat, as it was a close-quarters weapon used by Native Americans and other mountain-based cultures.

You’re not exactly training your axe throwing skills to kill people, but it definitely makes a cool party trick. It might be more complicated than the movies make it out to be, but there are techniques to the whole throw. Regardless, it’s easy to learn throwing a tomahawk, which can be used at Urban Axe Throwing parties in Vancouver.

Preparing for Throwing a Tomahawk

Preparing for Throwing a Tomahawk

With a tomahawk in your hand, you have the first step covered. Be sure you’re in an area made for throwing dangerous objects because the last thing you want is to injure the people around you. Throwing tomahawk sets are the best way to learn how to perfect the skill because they’re forged with a proper weight, meant for tossing.

The best target for practice is a decently sized tree stump or even a thick piece of wood that is wide enough to catch any failed throws. Ensure that the wood is soft enough to stick the throwing tomahawk on and not bounce around because this can be dangerous to others in the area. A four-inch thick stump is a good size to stick an axe onto and make for an easy pull after the axe sticks. You can then mount it on a metal stand or a wooden one, but never mount it against a hard surface, as this will risk breaking the tomahawks if you miss the target.

Safety First, Always

Playing around with sharp objects is never a joke, and these throwing tomahawks and axes aren’t toys. Avoid playing around with them unnecessarily, and remember that the area around you has to be clear. Don’t throw any axes when people are in front, behind, or beside you or your target. If you’ve bought budget throwing tomahawks, you’ll likely have dull edges that you won’t want to sharpen. These edges are sharp enough to cut through the wood but will do considerably less damage to the skin compared to a sharpened set.

Form Is Everything

Form Is Everything

Work on your grip by holding it like a hammer. Don’t throw it if your palms are sweaty or smooth, so try to use chalk to add grip. Before throwing it, check the orientation of the tomahawk’s head. You’ll want it straight, so it flies without wobbling, so correct any rotations to the left or right of your grip. Place your thumb on top of the handle, then bring it behind your head and throw it with a flick of the wrist that will place a spin. Be sure you’re not too far from the target so that the tomahawk doesn’t drop off too soon and lose momentum.

It should be relatively easy, and if you have your own space and time to practice, you’ll perfect it in no time. Urban Axe Throwing can offer ample space to learn the skill, where it is safe and has staff equipped to teach novice tomahawk throwers.


Axe throwing is a fun activity that requires technique over strength. Anyone can throw an axe, whether it is a hatchet or a throwing tomahawk, provided that they have enough practice. An axe throwing events place can help develop this skill safely and securely without any risks of harming others accidentally.

Urban Axe Throwing is the best place to try axe throwing in Vancouver. Bring your team or family in for a fun day learning how to throw axes and see who can hit the bullseye! Contact us for more information on booking events and other services.

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