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Learning the Art of Axe Throwing_ Origins and Techniques

Axe throwing may sound like a thing of the past, one heavily depicted in medieval war stories that don’t seem to have much room for existence today. The mere concept of it may seem utterly unsafe, a rather dangerous recreational activity you’d rather skip out on. Contrary to popular belief, however, axe throwing is one of the most exciting activities around, growing back in popularity for the merit it holds.

There are rules to follow and safety precautions to do, but all in all, axe throwing can be incredibly rewarding. As a beginner, you’re likely interested in learning everything you can before partaking in the activity.

To help you get started, here is a comprehensive guide for you to follow—we’ll talk about the history of the sport, as well as the art of perfecting your technique. Let’s begin!

History Throwback: Axe Origins

History Throwback: Axe Origins

Throwing axes likely originated from the Franks, a Northern European tribe, who used them as weapons around the 5th century. Similar weapons called tomahawks were also used by the Native Americans. Throwing axes are not only historically popular, but they’re also still used by modern soldiers.

Axe throwing is an activity that’s undoubtedly ingrained in human history, and the Celts in Europe even made a sport out of this centuries-old tradition. Modern axe throwing also took off in parts of Canada and the United States, now gaining popularity around the world. With these facts in mind, there’s nothing like sharing a fun bit of history whenever you’re out throwing axes with your workmates, family, and friends.

The Target Pickers: How do you get it right?

From everything gathered, one can deduce one simple fact—axe throwing is badass. The task may seem rather straightforward, but you’ll need proper tips and tricks to get it right. You’ll want to take note of your rotation, degrees, and axe handling. Here’s are important tips you need to do to elevate your game:

  • Identify the right spot: This is the most crucial part of axe throwing, as you’ll need to be a certain distance away from your target. Keep a good 12 feet away from your target line, tucking yourself safely behind the throwing line. Grip your axe tightly and take a deep breath—after that, step forward with your non-dominant foot, making sure that your body is prepared to throw. You’ll want your axe to perform a quick little revolution in the air before it hits the target.
  • Hold your axe at the base: The key is to grip it like a baseball bat, as gripping it higher will leave you with a poor form and an even poorer rotation. This will cause you to miss your target, so practice holding your axe at the base! It needs to feel even, a balanced force carefully placed in your dominant hand.
  • Swing it behind your head and throw straight: You’ll also want to make sure that your wrist and elbow remain steady, especially during the process of throwing. Only release them once you’ve extended your arm, reminiscent that of a one-handed free thrown during a baseball game. Never flick your wrist!

Axe Throwing as Your New Favorite Sport

Axe Throwing as Your New Favorite Sport

It may just be another scene to medieval and gory films, but axe throwing is a sport that deserves to be enjoyed by many. It comes with a rich history and culture worth knowing, and the mere fact that it has survived to this day means that it’s a highly valuable skill. There’s still so much to learn about axe throwing, but the best way to learn is through experience. The question now stands—what are you waiting for?

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