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Reasons Axe Throwing Is an Innovative Team Building Activity – What to Know

Axe throwing has continuously increased its popularity recently for a reason—it’s new! This is why it has appealed the most to curious people. Although the current trend might be a fad bound to lose its traction, its current popularity is actually surprising. Axe throwing is also a good option for effective team building.

In this article, we’ll discuss three reasons how axe throwing as a team-building activity can help strengthen the bonds and connections in your team:

1. It is not on anybody’s everyday routine

The best part of axe throwing is its nature as an unusual activity. After all, most people love to appreciate and enjoy new experiences. When you let your team experience a unique situation, you also challenge their critical thinking and adaptability to overcome challenges together. Also, since most members may not be familiar with the activity, their respective personalities can shine and getting to know each other would be a breeze.

2. It helps connect team members 

It helps connect team members

Axe throwing encourages team members to communicate with each other to achieve a common goal. During the activity, everyone can evaluate each other’s techniques. With this set-up, a platform is created that makes people look at feedback as opportunities for personal development. 

3. It is a great workout

Axe throwing is excellent as a team-building activity and as a full-body workout exercise. When you let team members involve their whole body, you improve their overall health. It is important to keep team members in top shape since healthy members can think clearly with creativity.

Necessary steps in axe throwing

Keep in mind that axe throwing is more complicated than meets the eye. Flinging a tomahawk at a wooden board requires hard work and perseverance to get it on target. Here are three steps to consider while throwing the hatchet.

Step #1: Have a firm grip

A firm grip on the axe ensures a lesser risk of it falling out of your control. Safety should be a primary concern since axes can cause injuries if you’re not careful. When you are a beginner, it is best to hold the axe with both hands to increase the chances of a solid release. Otherwise, you might find the axe flying towards someone instead of the target.

Step #2: Know the correct stance
Know the correct stance

Stand with your dominant foot ahead of your passive foot. It would help if you remembered that when you bring your arms up to throw, make sure that they are behind your head while you face the target. Performing the correct stance not only increases your chances of hitting the bullseye but is also excellent in ensuring the safety of nearby players.

Step #3: Know the right throwing motion

When you’re about to throw the axe, make sure that the blade is aimed at the target. Bend your back slightly when you anticipate throwing. Then, fling the axe swiftly with both arms and release when your arms reach past your shoulders. You must follow through with the motion even after you’ve released your grip to ensure that the axe’s trajectory doesn’t change. Keep in mind that if you shift your movement after releasing the handle, you might risk touching the shaft and turning its direction.


At this point, you now know several reasons axe throwing can be beneficial in creating a sense of unity among your team members. When you’re enjoying the activity, make sure to remember the steps given above so that you’ll have an enjoyable time. If you are looking for an axe-throwing event for your team building activity, schedule your preferred date and time with us today! We’re happy to help.

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