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The Best Safety Tips for Aspiring Axe Throwers

Before you throw your first axe, some preparation is a must. You may already have an idea of how to throw the axe and how to aim, but if you don’t actually know how to stay safe during the session, you aren’t off to a good start.

As is apparent, axe throwing comes with some risks. When you first try axe throwing in Vancouver, make sure you remain mindful of how to stay safe so that your night ends on a high note rather than a trip to the ER.

Here are our safety tips for any aspiring axe throwers out there:

Be Mindful of Laws and Rules

Before you throw an axe, check in with the local health department or, where applicable, the sports safety department. Familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations that your area has in terms of axe use in public. Check the rules and regulations in your city or town, too. In cases of uncertainty at any level, reach out to your local government office.

It’s always safer to practice your throwing skills at a venue that minimizes the risks of the sport. Book a lane at Urban Axe Throwing if you’re giving the sport a try in Vancouver!

Practice, Practice, Practice

Practice, Practice, Practice

Like any sport or attempt at learning a skill, it is important to take the time to practice. Follow through with practicing your throwing up until you have a certain amount of confidence when it comes to technique. Practice with both hard and soft surfaces, with a variety of angles and conditions. If you can find a more experienced partner to practice with, even better. Receiving their feedback and criticism will add to your confidence and awareness of safety.

Stay Aware

Axe throwing should always be done in a safe environment. As such, you should always have an awareness of your surroundings. The throw zone should not have anything in it that can possibly disrupt your throw. Among other things, that list could involve animals, obstacles, other people, and any objects that may be blocking the way.

Throwing axes in a public space? Make sure that everyone is in protective gear, like a face mask and helmet. When you throw, do your best not to stand too close to the designated throw zone. Similarly, you must keep your axe away from other things. A sharp axe can cause severe injuries not just to you but to others as well.

If you’re a beginner, avoid public throwing entirely and practice in a venue specifically created for axe throwing instead.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

Wear Appropriate Clothes

While there is no dedicated uniform for axe throwing at a target, it is important to have some awareness of what you’re wearing. Clothes that are too loose could snag on the handle or deter you from making a proper throw. Make sure you also invest in a good pair of close-toed shoes that will protect your feet!


Axe throwing can be dangerous, but only if you are reckless and unprepared. Proper throwing comes with a lot of mindfulness and can actually be quite safe and fun when done correctly. Be sure to find a venue that you feel comfortable in with staff who are professional and knowledgeable about axe throwing for the best experience!

Looking to try out indoor axe throwing? Urban Axe is waiting for you! We are Vancouver’s premium axe throwing venue.

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