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The Rookie’s Guide to the Ultimate Axe-Throwing Experience

Have your family or group of friends dubbed you the “competitive” one? Are you keen on finding out whether the label rings true? If so, axe-throwing might make an ideal replacement for Sunday lunch or a night in the city. But—hold your horses!—axe-throwing isn’t as straightforward as it seems. Knowing what to expect can enhance your experience and put you down the path towards becoming Vancouver’s next lumberjack.

What is Urban Axe-Throwing?

Urban axe-throwing is probably what you’re picturing in your head right now. Hurl an axe at a large wooden board with targets, and where it lands dictates the number of points you score.

A typical session will involve a few practice rounds wherein you’ll learn to adjust your grip and projectile. No matter your skill level, it pays to avoid mistakenly severing a finger.

Then, you’ll head into the tournament round, going up against a group member of your choice. Each person will get five chances to throw their axe—whoever accumulates the most points wins the round. If your first round didn’t go as planned, chalk it up to a quarter-final, semi-final, and championship. You’ll have more chances to win!

The Fundamentals of Axe-Throwing

What is Urban Axe-Throwing?

Remember, there’s more to axe-throwing than flinging a hatchet across the room. Learning to throw an axe involves the following steps.

Establishing Your Grip

Always grip an axe tightly to avoid it falling out of your hand before the big throw. Point the axe blade towards the target and use both hands.

Getting into the Right Stance

Like in tennis or ballet, there is a right way to stand when it comes to axe-throwing. If you’re right-handed, place your right foot in front, shifting all weight here. If you’re left-handed, get into the opposite stance. Align your feet so as you bring your arms up to throw, you’re facing directly towards the center of the target.

Practice Throwing Motions

Point the blade towards the target as you bring the tool above your head with both hands. Slightly bend your back, throwing forward as quickly as possible. Follow through with the rest of the motion as the axe leaves your hand—and yes, you can stop nervously sweating at this point.

What to Wear to an Axe-Throwing Session

What to Wear to an Axe-Throwing Session

Like any sport, axe fashion is specific to the activity. As a general rule—and likely an enforced one—come in closed-toe shoes. With or without a foot fetish, you’re not going to want to lose any of your toes. As much as possible, go for a pair of trainers or running shoes.

As for the remainder of your get-up, wear what sits on your legs and shoulders comfortably. If you’re privy towards a pair of jeans, ensure that they’re elastic enough to maneuver in. Skip the shorts and skirt—you’ll thank yourself when you’re hurling axes like a pro.

Finally, tie your hair back. Anyway, you don’t want to send a chunk of your hair flying along with your axe.


Your initial taste of urban axe-throwing will likely be as terrifying as it is exciting. However, it’s an excellent way to brush off steam and give a first date something unexpected—if you’re into that.

Get into the indoor axe-throwing groove with Urban Axe-Throwing! Our league runs for eight thrilling weeks, and, if you’re lucky, you’ll walk away a new champion.

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