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Top 3 Surprising Health Benefits of Axe Throwing – What to Know

A new trend in the world of fitness is gaining traction, and it invites people to try their hand at something out of the ordinary: axe throwing. The concept is simple: throw a hatchet at a wooden target. The entire set-up works similarly to a bowling alley or batting cage. 

However, there is something more primal about axe throwing that keeps it apart from any other workout routines. The way it helps people blow off some serious steam is part of what makes it a perennial favourite, but swinging your arm as hard as you can to strike a target brings more therapeutic benefits than one might think.

Beyond the thrill and fun, the list below explores how the popular party sport can benefit your mind and body. 

Benefit #1: Stress Reliever 

Axe throwing provides a form of cathartic release that can chop up a week’s worth of built-up stress. All the tension from your daily grind can dissipate as you hurl the axe into the air and hit the wooden target with a satisfying crunch. It’s also an excellent past-time for colleagues who are in search of after-work activities that can help the team unwind from responsibilities of work.

Benefit #2: Exercise for Your Core, Shoulders, Lats, and Legs

Much like cable exercises, throwing an axe can work out several muscle groups in your body. This includes the core, shoulders, the lats covering the middle of your back, pecs, and legs. The advantage of axe throwing is that it is a fun activity you can do alone or with friends, which means that you can enjoy a full-body workout without noticing its physical demands. 

Benefit #3: It’s a Fun Activity for Different Groups

Tossing a large axe to a wooden target may seem extreme upon first glance, but it’s a safe past-time that various groups can enjoy. From multi-generation family game nights to office team-building activities with your boss, axe throwing is a stress-busting activity for people who need to let loose. 

Anyone ages above 12 are free to join, so families and friends can gather together for a heart-pumping session. The highly communal atmosphere also encourages everyone to cheer on each other, making this recreational sport something to bond over. 

In Conclusion

Axe throwing may be an unconventional method to relieve stress, but it’s a fun physical activity that families, friends, and workmates can enjoy together. It’s a challenging sport that has a bit of a learning curve, but the rush of adrenaline and excitement is enough to ramp up your skill. 

The fitness fad is also a highly social game set in a casual environment, though it is rife with friendly competition. To that end, axe throwing is all about chucking your negativities out your system by the end of each session. 

If you’re looking to have an axe-throwing session when in Vancouver, get in touch with us today to book!

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