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Understanding Axe Throwing – Tips and Tricks to Great Throws

Do you want to get into axe throwing? You first need to learn the basics if you ever want to become a great axe-wielding warrior. To truly master the art, you need to know that there is more to it than simply throwing the axe to hit your target.

This article is made for axe throwers of different skill levels who want to hone their skills. We have a list of throwing tips and tricks to help you in your quest to be the best axe thrower. And before you know it, you will be joining leagues and competitions as you become an expert.

Take note of the safety guidelines

As with every sport, whether extreme or not, you need to learn the basic safety rules of axe throwing, especially since you aren’t just flinging an old ball here and there. It’s a weapon that can do some serious damage. But don’t worry—all guidelines are clear, and experienced axe throwing instructors can train you.

Just remember the safety guidelines, and don’t forget to ask your instructor before you want to try something new with your throw. Staying safe will ensure that you and everyone there at the axe throwing range are enjoying the activity.

Get to know your axe

Get to know your axe

As part of the safety program for axe throwing, you will be instructed about the type of axe you are wielding at the range. Remember—you can’t just go around and throw any old axe. This is why specialised facilities exist equipped with axes made for throwing.

In most axe throwing facilities, you use either throwing hatchets or tomahawks. The former is a lighter variant while the latter is the most well-known axe made for this sport. Listen to your instructor and learn the technique best suited for your axe.

Throw the axe gently

As you get to know your axe, you may be shocked to learn that throwing hard is not the most ideal. You have to learn to throw gently since the axe is lightweight, and exerting enough force will easily propel it forward.

Don’t over-complicate your throw, especially if you are just starting out. Grip the axe handle firmly, then plant your foot forward. Take a deep breath, then release the axe gently.

With each throw, focus on your target. It doesn’t have to be the bullseyes, as you can work on being consistent with an easier target first until you get better. Then, you can go for harder targets. Remember—the key to great axe throwing is in the finesse, not the force.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

As with any sport, you need to practice before you can hit all your targets in axe throwing. This means you need to find time and dedicated instructors to push you to be your best. Commit to it yourself, and you can get your friends to come along with you so that you have some moral support.

One great way to hone your axe throwing skills is by signing up for events, like axe throwing leagues or group classes. This will help you get better and become ready for competitive events, or you can simply learn to love it as a hobby.


With all the aforementioned tips and tricks, become the best in axe throwing today and see yourself become the extreme sports athlete you always wanted to be!

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