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The Benefits of Axe Throwing in Helping to Relieve Stress

Stress is a severe crippling condition that, when not handled properly, will eventually cause unpleasant experiences for an individual. There are many factors that trigger stress. It can be aggravated in the workplace or even within your family. Different life events like divorce, a death in the family, debt, and other financial obligations can induce unimaginable stress to you. 

Sometimes it piles up into a figurative mountain until you cannot handle it anymore. Some people have mental breakdowns or fall in the pit of depression. Some people, when stressed, tend to lash out on the people surrounding them, and it is neither a pleasant sight nor feeling. You will end up regretting the actions you have done and the hurting words you uttered that cannot be undone. 

Because of such instances, you must always find ways that you can release all the stored feelings. Some people watch movies, play sports, do yoga, or workout in a gym to relax and release their stress. Although these are brilliant ways, other people are looking into more untraditional ways of releasing all that stored stress. As a result, axe throwing is rapidly increasing in popularity and is known to help in relieving stress.

What is axe throwing?

As the name implies, axe throwing involves an axe being thrown to hit a target called the bullseye. Much like playing darts, instead of throwing darts, however, an axe is used. This sport is usually included in lumberjack competitions. Since the axe is a potentially dangerous weapon, safety precautions are vital. 

Throwing the axe is like a metaphor of throwing all your stress away and pinning it onto a wall. When you throw the axe, the feeling of release from all the tension and stress bothering you is liberating, and it does not matter whether or not you hit the bullseye. The important outcome is that you are able to release the axe to help you relieve the tension that is on your shoulders. 

With this activity, you do not need to talk to a therapist, pay for a gym membership, or attend a yoga class to rid of stress. Plus, this activity can be done with friends, making it more fun and exciting at the same time.

Axe throwing bars

There are axe-throwing bars where you can hang out with your peers and have a friendly competition amongst yourselves. It is becoming popular in North America and mainly caters to those who want to enjoy a game of axe throwing. Safety is of the utmost importance when being involved in this kind of activity. That is why most axe-throwing is done inside a cage where a target is placed. 

Food and drinks are also served in these bars that you can enjoy with your friends. It is best to go to axe-throwing bars in a group, and pre-booking is also recommended, but not necessarily a must. The bar will be able to provide all the materials needed for your enjoyment. 

Axe throwing sessions take around two to three hours, depending on the size of your group. If you think that alcohol and axe is a dangerous mix, do not fret, as most axe bars have trained personnel to assist you. They will ensure that no intoxicated people enter the bar for the safety of the players. The next time you feel stressed, don’t think twice about trying a little game of axe throwing.

If you are looking to go axe throwing in Vancouver, get in touch with us today to see how we can help.

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