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Why Axe Throwing Is the Best Family Bonding Activity

Spending time with your family is sometimes a hit, sometimes a miss. Holiday gatherings are always a joy to go to, but the mundane routine of having dinner at a relative’s house can get stale pretty quick. This is where more adventurous options like going to theme parks and trips to campsites come in.

Although these options are all viable ways to spend time with your family, they always come with plenty of logistical issues. Thankfully, there’s a new fun-filled destination you can do in the city. Urban axe throwing is one of the latest group activity trends that are perfect for your future family gatherings.

Bringing your family to an axe throwing range

Urban axe throwing is a popular group activity that’s perfect for your next family gathering. It combines the simplicity of cheap hatches, targets, and batting cages with the darts’ scoring system’s complexity. Joined together, it creates a simple yet engaging activity that anyone can enjoy.

If you’re planning to schedule a new family bonding activity, here are three reasons urban axe throwing should be your next destination:

1. It’s safe to play and easy to learn

It’s safe to play and easy to learn

To address the elephant in the room, axe throwing does involve actual axes and hatches. Although this can be a turnoff for some people, it’s important to note that well-made axe throwing establishments have the right safety measures to prevent accidents.

Batting cages with well-placed targets are at an ample distance away from throwing areas and have enough ceiling elevation. This prevents hatchets from bouncing off in odd places after you throw them. Just like in archery and gun ranges, you’ll receive an orientation on how to make the right throwing technique and some ground rules on how to play different games.

2. Encourages “friendly” competition

Encourages “friendly” competition

Friendly competition is something that neighbours, employees, and close friends can dabble into from time to time. However, it doesn’t compare to the level of competitive spirit between family members. Whether you have beef with your cousin or want to compete with your brother’s salary, an axe throwing gallery will be the best place to test your mettle.

Playing games with your family is more enjoyable when you’re playing a game that everyone’s unfamiliar with. This measures how well you can fare against your relatives when learning a new skill. After everyone gets more familiar with the rules and throwing techniques, you can make it a regular competition for the whole family to enjoy. Additionally, you can spice things up by setting side bets to make it fun even for people who aren’t playing.

3. Lets you make new memories

Lets you make new memories

Going to the same dull routines can make family gatherings become a chore instead of a chance to reconnect with your loved ones. Even going to theme parks can be bland and repetitive as you get older. This is why you should try out new activities that everyone can enjoy. Axe throwing is one of the many popular group activities that you and your family can learn together. It’s an excellent way to make new memories while discovering a new skill.


Axe throwing is a great activity for the entire family to learn and enjoy. Its popularity is growing so much that people convert their yards and garages into makeshift axe throwing ranges. However, if you want to have the full experience, you should go to a commercial branch to see how professionals set it up.

If you want to shake up your family gatherings with a fun new activity, you can try urban axe throwing in Vancouver in our select branches! Book with us today for an exciting session with axes and food for the whole family!

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